Artist Presentations Response

I enjoyed listening and learning about both group's artists for the artist presentation. Both found a theme to unite two artists that would create an interesting exhibition.

SARA & NICOLE: Jessica Bruah and Graham Harwood

I enjoyed Harwood's art more than Bruah's, although both were interesting to me. I have an aunt who has schizophrenia, so I am constantly aware of her disorder every time I see her and am overwhelmed by it, so I can't imagine how it must be to live in her shoes. That's one reason I found Harwood's work particularly interesting. His work was a more aesthetically pleasing to me. Both confronted the viewer and made them rethink their definition of self - I found this particularly evident in Bruah's work. Although I didn't enjoy her work as much, the faceless figures in turmoil set in normal places, often around the home, were interesting to look at and think about. Why were these woman in such distress in places often thought of as calming or at least homey? I can see how she is influenced by Cindy Sherman - turning definitions around and giving the viewer a portrait to think about is something she does very efficiently as well.

VALERIE & JARED: Pascal Dombis and Jeffrey Shaw

Val and Jared did a wonderful job picking out two artists who were both contemporary, interesting and had similar ideas about their art. Their systems were interesting to look at - I especially enjoyed Dombis' work featuring lines all along the wall. I think they would work well in a museum exhibit together as one is more interactive and the other simply displays his artworks. I think the large scale of their works interacts well together as well. Artists who use systems like Dombis and Shaw interest me because they combine two things normally thought of as separate - math and art. Sol LeWitt does art like this too, with systems and lines, and I think his art would also fit in this exhibit, as long as they would be willing to put two digital artists with one more traditional artist. The works that were picked were complementary to each other and worked well, and we incredibly interesting to think about and be involved in.

Self-Visualization Final