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For my poem visualization, I picked a poem by a man named Hugh Cook. I found his poem, Blue, online and I really loved it.

by Hugh Cook

There was a sky, I remember.
There was a sea.
There was turquiose and there was lapiz lazuli
in the markets of Nepal.
There was the actual blue
of the living light of the rainbow.
I remember, writing this now,
writing with the aid of the silent gray,
the gibbering gray soup with serves as my eyesight now.

I got a lot of emotions and a lot of imagery from this poem as soon as I read it, which it why I wanted to do my project on it. First, I created the imagery. I used watercolor strokes on Illustrator to create the texture. The meaning in the poem that I understood was a man remembering how it used to be before he was blind, and I felt a gentle progression from blues to grays. So I used that imagery in my artwork - not only did I make the panels go from blues to grays/purples, I tried to add less and less texture as I went along, adding to the idea that he is even going more and more blind as he writes the poem. I searched for braille typefaces on the internet, but none of them suited me, so I created the alphabet with circles in Illustrator and then created the words when I needed them. After they were printed and mounted, I used paint to create a raised texture on the braille so that you could actually touch it.

Overall, I am very happy with how this project turned out!

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